Anti Slavery Policy

LOGIN Construction Services LTD


1.1 Slavery and human trafficking (“Modern Slavery”) are crimes and a violation of human
1.1.1 Child labour must not be used.
1.1.2 Any form of forced or compulsory labour must not be used. Workers must be free to
leave employment or work after reasonable notice.
1.1.3 Passports, visas and other personal documentation should not be taken from workers.
1.1.4 All forms of debt bondage are prohibited. Workers should not be subject to contracts
that tie them into repaying a loan, accommodation expenses or some other costs that they
have no or little opportunity to repay.
1.1.5 Compensation and benefits must comply with local laws relating to minimum wages,
overtime hours and other benefits.
1.1.6 Workers should have safe and healthy working conditions that meet or exceed
applicable standards for occupational safety and health.
1.2Login Construction Services Ltd has a zero-tolerance approach to Modern Slavery – any
instance of Modern Slavery in Login’s business or supply chain is a breach of the core
values of the business.
1.3 Login Construction Services Ltd recognises that the construction industry presents a risk
of Modern Slavery and also that Modern Slavery could affect our business and supply chain.
Low skilled immigrant workers are particularly vulnerable. Login Construction Services Ltd,
therefore, takes steps to reduce the risk of Modern Slavery being connected to its business
or supply chain.
1.4The following key principles apply to Login Construction Services Ltd business and our
supply chain:
1.5 On an annual basis, we will publish an antislavery statement that will set out our
approach to preventing slavery and human trafficking in connection with our business.


2.1 We are committed to implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to
ensure slavery or human trafficking is not taking place anywhere in our own business or in
any of our supply chains. These systems and controls include: this policy; risk assessments;

a supply chain protocol; tendering assessment criteria; a whistleblowing policy; contractual
controls; and induction and monitoring at sites.
2.2 Our subcontractors, consultants and suppliers are contractually required to maintain
similar effective systems and controls to ensure Modern Slavery is not connected to their
services to Login Construction Services Ltd.


3.1 The Chief Executive Officer will be the lead role for the review and administration of this


4.1 Guidance on reporting suspected slavery can be found at the Home Office’s website:
4.2 Suspicions of Modern Slavery existing or being connected to Login’s business or supply
chain can also be reported to your regular contact at Login Construction Services Ltd or be
raised with the Chief Executive Officer.

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