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As the leading groundworks company in Northampton, we start every development project with a thorough investigation of the site and planning. This allows us to deliver the best results for your design. Having the groundwork done on time and on a budget is important to you. Therefore, you want to leave it to professionals who have a reputation for delivering the highest quality projects. 

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Groundworks | Footings and Foundations | Underpinning | Reinforced Concrete | RC Frame

As the leading groundworks company in Northampton, we start every development project with a thorough investigation of the site and planning. This allows us to deliver the best results for your design. Having the groundwork done on time and on a budget is important to you. Therefore, you want to leave it to professionals who have a reputation for delivering the highest quality projects. 

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Groundworks Services Northampton

We are the one-stop shop when it comes to groundworks and concrete projects in Northampton.

Footings and Foundation | Underpinning | Reinforced Concrete and RC Frame | Concrete Manholes

construction and groundworks Northampton excavator digging foundation on construction site

Footings and Foundation

Our Northampton Team specializes in footings and foundation work. We provide excavation services for many types of structures including new buildings, walls, and more throughout the United Kingdom and EU.

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Groundworks Northampton project - underpinning steel support construction


You may need to support a structure with a material or masonry after the ground beneath was removed. This commonly occurs due to subsidence. Our experienced underpinning constructors are here to help.

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construction and groundworks Northampton - reinforced concrete laying on the construction site

Reinforced Concrete and RC Frame

Reinforced concrete is commonly used for an incredibly strong foundation where the topsoil is dominated by clay. And strengthening the concrete frame structure or building an RC frame is what LOGIN Construction specializes in.

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Groundworks Northampton - in-situ custom made concrete square manhole

Concrete Manholes

 Concrete manhole construction stands for quality, performance, and minimized environmental impact. Therefore, we specialise in building innovative concrete drainage systems for improved pipeline and manhole construction.

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We take pride in the Quality of our Work.

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“LOGIN Construction have done for us a lot of reinforced concrete upstands and retaining walls in a DataCentre project in Slough.
Quality of work and time scales is the number 1 key point why we used this guys and still using for any UK or EU projects.”

Gheorghe Plugaru”I have no hesitation Recommending login construction services.
They are extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of building work.
We have had several jobs done by this company large and small all have been done to a high standard, efficiently and on budget. we are continuing to use them on future projects.”

Dolly Day”I recommend Login Construction for their professionalism and quality of work, they build my Extensions in no time!
Hard working men!.”

Victor Sula”We had LOGIN Construction on a project in Paris carrying out groundwork’s. Couldn’t have been happier with the lads, experienced, hardworking, safety conscious. A pleasure to deal with.”

Nathan C”Great team, came in and laid a floor very quickly and at a great price.”

Barry Goss”Profesional company, who have done our house extension. Good quality and in time!”

Anna Codita

Footings and Foundation

Groundworks Northampton

The foundation or footings is a paramount structure. Thus, if not done correctly may result in subsidence and damage to your property and neighbouring properties.

Login Construction specialises in footings and foundation work in Northampton.

We provide foundation works for many structures including new builds, extensions, commercial buildings and more. Also, we pride ourselves on having many years of industry experience and have been working on big and small projects. 

Quality of work from start to finish is what we believe in. Foundations are fundamental in every aspect of our lives. Therefore, having a stable, strong and properly built base for your dream house or any other development is the top priority for LOGIN. It not only assures durability for future generations but also prevents problems with the building.

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Groundworks Northampton foundation laying of house on the private construction site
Groundworks Northampton underpinning steel support construction


Groundworks Northampton

Underpinning services are often needed due to building subsiding or when the foundations of the property need to be lowered for excavation work (basement construction).

In most cases, aged buildings need structural support because they suffer from poor soil qualities or the above-mentioned subsidence.

Our specialist underpinning contractors in Northampton offer exceptional services.

Building foundations often have been built poorly comparing to current standards and knowledge. What also used to happen is that the land has been reused many times and not professionally prepared for the next structure.

As this is quite common with many repurposing buildings in the UK, we often help out clients with a mass concrete underpinning or basement underpinning to support increased usage and load.

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Reinforced Concrete and RC Frame

Groundworks Northampton

Steel reinforced concrete is what you often notice when passing by a construction site in bigger cities.

You will see the tops of reinforcing mesh for concrete slabs that point towards the sky like spikes.

These slab reinforcement techniques are used to strengthen the concrete frame in the key areas of the structure. Essentially, these are the points of the building that are going to be under the most tension throughout the lifetime of the structure and need extra support.

Concrete frame construction is very prevalent in construction work and one of the areas Login Construction is experienced and specialise in. Of course, we pride ourselves on the results we deliver through our successful reinforcement concrete projects all over Northampton and the United Kingdom.

Hence, using the slab reinforcement technique described above, our work strengthens the whole concrete frame and therefore the whole structure and durability of the property.

Reinforced Concrete & RC Frame Contractor Guarantee in Northampton

Whether you have a large scale commercial reinforced concrete project or steel-reinforced concrete jobs that need to be done by experts, LOGIN Construction is the name you can trust in when it comes to delivering the highest quality results.

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construction company Northampton - reinforced concrete laying on the commercial building site
reinforced frame installation on commercial construction site
Groundworks Northampton concrete manhole installation

Concrete Manholes

Groundworks Northampton

Our Groundworks contractors from Northampton are familiar with how to handle both precast and custom in situ concrete manholes and therefore can easily install them. 

Concrete Manholes are the perfect solution while accessing the underground public utility and pipeworks on the property. They allow physical entrance by an authorised professional and grant ease while performing maintenance inspections, system upgrades and blockage removals. Because of that, they are mainly chosen by many homeowners.

In fact, the majority of underground services require manholes. Those services include: water, sewers, telephone, electricity, storm drains, district heating, and gas.

We specialise in custom in situ concrete manhole installations. In situ concrete manholes have become the construction industry’s product of choice over cast-in-place concrete, brick and other non-concrete products. All of that is because they are durable and much stronger and resistant. Hence, if any future groundworks and alternations are performed near in situ concrete manholes, it is very unlikely for them to get damaged.  

Also, precast concrete manholes can be installed by our groundwork specialists on demand and immediately backfilled. There is no need to wait for concrete or mortar to cure at the job site, making it a much quicker installation. The degree of soil compaction around the manhole and remaining trenches is never a problem. Thus it makes installation fast and quick compared to old methods.

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